PATTIE FIRESTONE DESIGNS in Santa Barbara, CA, makes metal sculptures and 3D printed lightweight earrings of Chinese characters in 9 different colors. Browse our website for her sculptures and her earrings.

As a sculptor, Pattie Porter Firestone uses a simple vocabulary of metal lines in space to create three-dimensional objects anchored in the earth and yet break away from their gravitational limitations. Searching to comprehend nature’s invisible language, she uses line, rhythm, and movement to express energies connecting us with the earth.

The earring designs began as bronze sculptures of basic Chinese characters. Using 3D printing, Firestone makes the characters float in space like Chinese calligraphy float on a page of paper. Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans can read the most basic Chinese characters and the Five Chinese Elements as evolved over more than 6,000 years.

Each earring design is a different Chinese character interpreted by Pattie Porter Firestone to have an eye-catching movement and style. First-time buyers with brown hair might order white or light-colored earrings. The 3D printed matte finish makes them look like bone.

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